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Site: Oakland PD Streaming Motorcycle

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Due to possible breaks in broadband coverage, video streaming may not be available at all times.

ICOP LIVE coverage of the Unity Tour begins Sunday, May 9th and will continue throughout the week during select Police Week events -- check back often. Expected coverage times are: Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed 8am - 3 pm EST (arrive in DC about noon).

Learn more about the Unity Tour and our sponsored rider, Sgt. Pete Espinoza here.

ICOP has partnered with the Oakland Police Department's motorcycle escort, for the Unity Tour Ride. We installed ICOP LIVE video streaming on their motorcycle. General Dynamics has also provided a rugged, mobile laptop to facilitate the video recording during streaming. ICOP LIVE will be streaming over the Sprint 3G/4G Wireless Broadband Network (ICOP LIVE is able to stream over any wireless network).

ICOP LIVE (ICOP’s patented technology) uniquely enables secure live video/audio streaming to a virtually unlimited number of simultaneous viewers. ICOP LIVE provides real-time situational awareness to optimize the outcome of a crisis.






ICOP has partnered with the Washington, DC Fraternal Order of Police for Police Week.

Visit the ICOP tent during Police Week, May 13, 14 & 15 to learn more about ICOP and our mobile video solutions!

We've got some great giveaways. Stop by and register to win an HD Video recorder.

Special Thanks to:

Oakland Police Department

General Dynamics


Bob Dron Harley Davidson